Castlevania Director Lashes Out At Low Review Scores

Castlevania Director Lashes Out At Low Review Scores

Enric Alvarez, Director of the recent Castlevania: Lords of shadow 2, has publicly lashed out against the low scores his game has received since launch, even going as far as to call Edge’s 4/10 review “blind”, “stupid” and “totally unfair.”“One must be blind or stupid to give it a 4/10 for a game of this quality. With a 4/10, people interpret it is a crappy game, badly done, it breaks, with mechanics that do not work, with some awful graphics.” 

He continues to go off the deep end, with “You can say ‘I do really like the rock but I hate the opera’, [but] this is an opinion, not an analysis. If I had to do an analysis of Don Giovanni, I would not even know where to start. There’s a lack of honesty in the gaming press.”

Alvarez must be feeling the pressure at the moment after coming under serious fire from an anonymous Mercury Steam employee on NeoGaf, who compared the director to a tyrant, called his own game ‘a piece of s**t and said staff were not surprised when the poor scores starting rolling in. All of this isn’t the best publicity for when Konami gets around to officially announce their Alucard DLC, a DLC that was spotted yesterday by ever-vigilant data miners. Would you pay for more of this Castlevania series, or have you already traded it in?

I reviewed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 recently and was really disappointed with it compared to the highly enjoyable first game. I bemoaned the drab modern day setting, the poor graphics and the rehashed combat. Guess I won’t be making Enric’s Christmas card list either.

Thanks to Total Xbox for the translation. Read the original interview (and maybe pop Google translate on) here.

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