PS4 Update 1.61 Set to Fix CE-34878-0 Crashes?

Earlier this week we saw the latest PS4 firmware update pop up when we turned on our PS4s. Keen to see what new feature we were getting, we had a look what was included with the new 1.61 update. With the previous update mainly focusing on adding official headset support, we were hoping for something directly targeting the dreaded CE-34878-0 error message which appears on a regular basis for many gamers, either causing corrupted save files or even crashes when browsing their capture collections.

The patch notes are a little vague if we’re honest and will be familiar to PS3 gamers, as it was a regular feature of that console’s updates. But with the PS4 being rather crash-prone in recent months, maybe the notes have a bit more relevance this time around. The notes simply say, “System software stability during use of some features has been improved.” While not addressing CE-34878-0 directly, that does sound like a potential match. I’ve put about eight hours into playing a few games (Tomb Raider and FIFA 14 if you’re asking) since the patch and haven’t experienced a crash yet.

But for all I know, one could be lying around the corner, just waiting to savage my 40-hour Assassin’s Creed IV file. We’d love to hear from any of our PS4-owning readers to see if they’ve noticed any improvements since the patch. Once we’ve sorted out this problem, maybe we can move onto the issue of the rapidly degrading rubber on the DualShock 4’s analogue sticks? I mean, would we be able to return them or what?

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