PS4 Game Discs Have Huge Mandatory Installs

You would think that buying a disc version of a top tier launch title would save some serious hard-drive space on your PS4. After all, who wants to download 50GB for Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Well you may want to consider upgrading your new PS4’s hard-drive to something much larger sooner thank you think as the mandatory installs from retail version Blu-rays for the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag are freaking huge.

Remember Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 weighing in at a mighty 10GB? That was nothing, yesterday I saw Killzone take 39GB and Assassin’s Creed take 22GB as soon as I put them in the PS4. Bear in mind, that only 409GB of the PS4’s ‘500GB hard-drive’ is available to fill as you please from the start.

Admittedly, this install time was incredibly fast -a minute or two tops- and can take place while you play. But, after finally getting on the PSN store and downloading the free games and demos (DC Universe Online aside, as it was 28GB), I’m left with 309GB. I’ve had the console less than 24 hours.

As with your PS3, these huge install files can be deleted without losing your in-game progress save file, so you can clear some space if you’re going to be done with a game for a while. But if paid DLC gets tied into this massive file, we won’t be able to keep deleting and redownloading it, presuming there’s the same five-time limit we had on PS3. Fingers crossed not all disc-based games require such hard-drive real-estate in the future, as even an upgraded 1TB drive would soon be filled.

How about it readers, have you noticed any other games gobble up your PS4’s gigabytes?

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