10 Top Tips for Preparing for Your Xbox One or PS4

After years of waiting, the PS4 and Xbox One are now unbearably close. However, let’s take some time to make sure we’ve planned ahead for the perfect launch experience on the day. You may have more left to do than you think. So don’t get caught out on launch day, check out our 10 Top Tips for Preparing for Your Xbox One or PS4. Then we can all go back to staring at our calendars.

Buy PS Plus or XBL Gold Subscriptions

If you want to play online on the PS4 or Xbox One, you will need a paid subscription. Sad, yet true. Monthly or yearly packs are available, with prices varying between sites. PS Plus is currently leagues ahead of the Xbox alternative, with a stellar line-up of free games available every month. This will extend to free PS4 games at launch (say hello, Contrast). Even if you’re not fussed about playing online, it’s worth noting that you’ll still need a sub to use services like LoveFilm and Netflix (despite you’re already paying for them) on the Xbox, but you won’t for the PS4. Free-to-play multiplayer titles like Warframe and Planetside 2 also won’t need a sub on PS4.

Order a second controller

Local multiplayer may seem like less of a feature with each generation of gaming, but we daresay there may be a few titles (probably indie ones) around launch that will let you play with a few couch-buddies. Failing that, you’ll need a second controller for when the battery dies, as the bundled charging cable probably won’t be long enough to let you sit down. Trust me on this; I almost pulled my PS3 onto the floor the first time I sat down with the DualShock 3 controller.

Don’t order the PS4 camera (yet)

At launch, you’re going to have almost nothing to play with the new camera aside from Playroom, so you’d be better off putting the money towards a second controller or an extra game. We imagine we’ll see some PS Move games announced for the PS4 next year though.

Sign up to Ustream and Twitch

Save time around launch by having an account ready and waiting if you’ll want to upload live gameplay streams in the future. YouTube uploads won’t be available at launch -and we’ll probably jump ship as soon as they are – but it may be worth having a look at Twitch and Ustream for now. PS4 users will also be able to upload videos directly to some site called Facebook.

Make some room at home

If you’re anything like the Dealspwn crew, you’ll have a gaming ‘to do’ pile that probably justifies not even buying a new console (pfft!). So chances are you’ll want to have your current-gen machine set up alongside your PS4 or Xbox One. Don’t waste precious next-gen gaming time by faffing around on launch day. Sort some space for your shiny new box right now!

PS4 gamers will need to clear a space of approximately 27.5 cm × 5.3 cm × 30.5 cm. Xbone players should negotiate planning permission for 33.3 cm  x 7.9 cm x 27.4 cm and for the Kinect you’ll need 24.9 cm x 6.6 cm x 6.7 cm in front of the TV. Don’t forget to leave some room for the vents on both consoles too, not that launch models ever have issues with overheating…

Get your money ready

Don’t get caught out at the till at midnight or whenever your online dealer decides to take payment. Make sure you have the funds to pay for your console ready in your current account after your usual bills, rent and such have been taken if you have some direct debits on the go. If transferring money from a savings account, be sure to do it a few days in advance in case it takes longer than usual. If you’ve ordered a console online, I’d be sure to ensure the money is ready at least ten days before launch, as payment may be taken early. You wouldn’t want to be sent to the back of the queue if the money isn’t there now would you?

Get your trade-ins valued

Have a good think about if you’re likely to play some of your games -or even consoles- again and sell them for some extra cash. Game and Cex in the UK let you check trade-in prices online, so you can work out 
which titles will be worth taking in. Alternatively, you can always sling some up on eBay, which has numerous free listing weekends, including this one.

Update your Vita’s firmware

Well, charge it up first. There hasn’t been much to shout about with the Vita of late (Killzone and Tearaway aside), but you’ll be able to use your Vita to remotely play most PS4 games via your Wi-Fi connection when your parents/girlfriend/boyfriend need the TV for some awful TV programme. You’ll need the latest 3.00 firmware update first though.

Book off remaining paid holiday days

Many work places require you to use up your holidays by the end of December. What better way to spend your time in December than with your new console? Go on, you can always work through Christmas.

Be careful if attending a midnight launch

There are some serious scumbags out there. So for starters, paying with a card rather than walking through the city with pockets full of cash is a no-brainer. Be careful if you’re picking up a console on your own at any time of the day to be honest. Walking around town with a huge bag with ‘Game’ emblazoned on it, may as well be a ‘mug me, it’ll be worth it’ sign. Head down with a group of friends, or arrange for a ride/taxi as near to the store as possible.

So how about it readers? Are you prepared? Have we missed anything? And no, you can’t get a divorce or put the kids up for adoption. Unless they’re really annoying.

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