Metal Gear Solid 5: Making Quiet 3D Scan Video

Konami have released a new video showing behind the scenes footage of the 3D facial scans and motion capture for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, featuring Stefanie Joosten, the actress playing Quiet.

It’s been a somewhat strange week in the new news as Hideo Kojima’s been tweeting about making characters more ‘erotic’ (later changed to ‘sexy’) for marketing purposes. This video featuring new character, Quiet, seems to be acting as damage control. There’s no dev speak in it, just a soulful backing track that may as well be saying “See, we’re not just obsessed with cleavage!”

It’s worth a watch to see the imposing number of cameras the acting talent face for a 3D scan of their faces. The detail we’ve seen so far is undeniably impressive, making that wait for next-gen MGS all the harder to endure. Hopefully, by then Kojima and Suda51 will have stopped their body swap experiment.

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