Disney Infinity to Allow Cross-Platform Sharing

For the first time in the gaming industry, user-generated content created on one console will be available to download on the other formats too, thanks to the upcoming Disney Infinity.

As I detailed in my hands-on preview earlier this week, the game allows players to create their own stages, minigames and racetracks in the Toy Box mode to be shared online. The revelation means that from here an Xbox 360 player would be able to submit a creation to the Disney servers and once it has been approved for publication, players on the PS3 and Wii U will be able to download and play it for free. As the game’s Producer John Day told us, “[This] has never happened before in the game industry.”

This is quite a big step, as usually the platforms never allow any sort of acknowledgment of each other’s existence. We’re yet to see cross-platform play for example, which could have possible for the likes of Defiance and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but not everyone (Microsoft) wanted to play nice. Hopefully, this could get that stubborn ball rolling.

As well as sharing online content, any toy figures or Power Discs bought will work on any platform once placed on the Infinity Base (the docking device), so players will be able to take their toys to their friends’ houses and can also swap and borrow them. It’s also great news for retailers who won’t have to stock multi-platform toys.

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