EA Admit Failings of Digital-Only Euro 2012 Release

In an interview with MCV (print edition), EA Sports’ EVP Andrew Wilson has admitted that the digital-only release of Euro 2012 as DLC for FIFA 12 was “a little ahead of its time quite frankly.”

He also added, “We didn’t get the take-up that we thought we would, although things picked up when we lowered the price. We may have got the value proposition a little off.”

The Euro 2012 DLC originally launched at £15.99, which is admittedly cheaper than the £25-£30 price tag the disc-based World Cup/Euros used to release at.

The fact that you needed a copy of FIFA 12 to play the Euro 2012 tournament seemed to be a barrier to sales. It certainly killed off the chances of impulse buyers picking up the game as they may have done on the high street in the past. The tournament games also used to act as a sneak-peak of the tweaks and improvements ahead of the next annual release, which wasn’t possible with a DLC release for an existing title.

But what of the upcoming World Cup next year? Wilson admits to not having plans yet, but said, “We have to learn and figure out when is the right time to do it again.”

I’m guessing June next year may be a good time. But it looks like we may see a standalone release again. If EA can keep the price reasonable for retail and digital versions, we think it could be more successful than last time. Well, while each territory’s team is still in the competition at least. England crashing out at the group stage wouldn’t help sales over here for example.

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