Ratchet: Gladiator HD Trophies Surface

A HD version of Ratchet: Gladiator (or Ratchet: Deadlocked in the US) was announced last year but it’s been quiet ever since. Until now that is, as a Trophy list for the game has emerged via Exophase. This leads us to believe a PSN release is just around the corner. Gladiator was a lot of fun back on the PS2, despite leaning more towards combat arenas instead of platforming and exploring.

Online multiplayer options were available, although the online functions of the PS2 were only available if you bought a network adapter (or the newer slim PS2). This time we’ll be able to get online straight away and the game should be an entertaining blaster. It’ll certainly be better than the recent tower defence (why!) game in the series, Q-Force.

  • Obtain all Ratchet: Gladiator™ trophies
  • Earn 200,000 Dread Points
  • Collect 4 Million Bolts
  • Upgrade All Weapons to Level 10
  • Purchase the Harbinger Weapon
  • Earn All 165 Skill Points
  • Earn “In a Row” on Valix
  • Upgrade 3 Weapons to Level 10
  • Earn all the Skill Points on Torval
  • Earn “Show Me The Money” on the Ghost Station
  • Earn 105 Skill Points
  • Collect 400,000 Bolts
  • Increase Nanotech to 50
  • Earn Medieval Power in Valix
  • Earn All Skill Points in the Dreadzone Battledome
  • Upgrade Any Weapon to Level 10
  • Collect 40,000 Bolts
  • Earn the ‘Can’t Hit Me’ Skill on Kronos
  • Earn the ‘Reactionary’ Skill in the Battledome
  • Earn the ‘Eviscerator Raider’ Skill in the Battledome
  • Earn the ‘Ace In The Hole’ Skill in the Battledome
  • Earn “I Dare Ya!” on Catacrom Four
  • Earn 60 Skill Points
  • Earn ‘Dead Again’ in Battledome
  • Earn 50,000 Dread Points
  • Earn the ‘Fodder Follies’ Skill on the Ghost Station
  • Earn the ‘Speed Bumps’ Skill on Planet Maraxus
  • Earn the ‘Not a Scratch’ Skill on Planet Torval
  • Earn the ‘Schooled’ Skill on the Valix Belt
  • Earn the ‘Light Speed’ Skill on Planet Orxon
  • Earn the ‘Low Blow’ Skill on Planet Stygia
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