Improved Boss Battles Explained for Deus EX: HR Director’s Cut on Wii U

The boss battles found in Deus Ex: Human Revolution were a major sore point for gamers playing through the otherwise excellent game on the PS3, 360 or PC platforms. Since hearing about the Wii U version a few days ago and the promises of improved boss battles, we’ve been intrigued to hear more. Prepare to be jealous if you don’t own a Wii U.

Speaking with Joystiq Game designer, Emile Pedneault said, “The boss fights are now as they should have been. We took them and completely rebuilt them. We couldn’t change [the boss’ character] model and the way they need to die because of the story telling, but we changed the level layout. We tweaked their AI and we’ve added tons of ways to deal with them.”

“You can deal with a boss fight in a stealth way, you can deal with a boss fight in a hacking way. We even have for each boss fight a way to kill them without firing a single bullet.”

In the original game, we were left with only head-on approaches to boss fights, which was often completely at odds with how we might play the rest of the game. The news of improvements to the new game comes as little consolation to anyone without a Wii U, but as Ninty’s console frequently struggles to keep exclusive games, we wouldn’t bet against the Director’s Cut eventually making its way to the other platforms. We wouldn’t hold out for a hefty patch to fix the boss fights for the existing game though.

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