Fuse Release Date Confirmed

Originally planned for a March release date, the game was then delayed to add some extra polish and to probably avoid Bioshock Infinite’s media and sales vortex. Insomniac have just confirmed via facebook (see I was working) that the game will hit EU territories on May 31st, with america getting it a few days earlier on May 28th.

This should give the game a better shot at some decent exposure as the only other big titles out that month are Metro: Last Light and Grid 2. Remember Me is out a week later though, which may tempt a few gamers’ wallets. We’re looking forward to Fuse here at Dealspwn as Insomniac have been entertaining us with excellent weapon design for years with their PlayStation exclusive series’ Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. This co-op shooter is their first foray into multiplatform territory and it looks set to blow EA’s other co-op shooter, Army of Two out of the water.

While you’re waiting, check out Matt’s hands-on preview.

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