First PS4 Menu, Share and Social Screens Revealed

We’re yet to see a price or even the physical console itself but we can now see what the day-to-day menu screens may look like. The screenshots Sony have just released show a selection of screens that have a heavy emphasis on the social side of gaming. The image above features many tiles informing you of your friends’ activities such as purchases or in game achievements.

Player profile screens have been spruced up and now feature photos and real names of players for the first time. We imagine you’ll be able to tweak the privacy of these features. We can also see what may be the screen that appears upon pressing the new Share button in a menu asking if we’d like to share a screenshot or video, there’s even a screen showing a video trimming feature.

Sony are looking to hook up some of the features to your tablet and mobile device too as shown in other screens. You can see all of them after the break. You can click them to get a full screen version too. So, what do you think?


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