The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

We’re used to all the big games coming out in the months leading up to Christmas and this year is certainly no different. However, many of our most wanted titles slipped into the 2013. Many of them are coming out in the first quarter, essentially giving us Silly Season Part 2. We’re still trying to get this year’s line-up finished but next year looks set to be even busier. Hopefully, we’ll actually have something to play in the summer next year instead of everything bookending the release calendar.

7: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox have a patchy history, Borderlands 2 was great, but before that, they shat out Duke Nukem Forever. With all the delays we’re a little worried about the Aliens game, but it’s important to remember that the studio aren’t finishing off somebody else’s mess this time. The game is picking up straight after the events of the second film, taking place on the same planet and in the ship orbiting above. Essentially, it’s a proper sequel to Aliens. We’ve been eagerly ticking off our fanboy lists when devouring the trailers and playing early builds of the game. Pulse rifles, Alien queen, cargo loaders, auto-turrets, Bishop’s torso on the floor, it’s all here. Hopefully Gearbox won’t delay it anymore, not that another Randy ‘slightly enthusiastic’ Pitchford video wouldn’t be amusing.

The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

6: Rayman Legends

Frankly, the Wii U line-up is terrible so far. When Rayman Legends slipped to 2013 instead of a launch title it was a major blow for Nintendo. As anyone that played Rayman Origins will tell you,Legends will be a must buy. I got some hands-on time with the game at Gamescom and can’t wait for more. Playing co-op using the game pad screen to highlight lums and move obstacles for Rayman is great fun and will be very simple for non-gamers to pick up. We would have loved getting gran involved at Christmas, but sadly, Ubisoft had other plans.

The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

5: Remember  Me

Admittedly, this list isn’t exactly packed with new IPs, but we have high hopes for this one from Capcom, who will be looking for it to become the next big thing after Resident Evil. The futuristic setting is looking sc-fi gorgeous and a combo editor is set to provide a refreshing amount of freedom to how we go about booting future-cops in the face. Kicks, punches, throws and some bone-crunching counters will be at our full disposal as we get to the bottom of a plot that involves sinister corporations and stealing memories.

The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

4: Grand Theft Auto V

Despite GTAIV being a bit of letdown, we’re sure Rockstar are going to deliver big-style this time. As per usual, they’re not showing us much before release, but they have admitted the game world will be bigger than the previous game and Red Dead Redemption combined. For the first time in the series, we’ll be able to change between three different characters, often on the fly, which could add some much needed variety. The GTAIV expansions showed Rockstar regaining some of the fun vibe missing from the main game and the huge number of tasks available in Red Dead should mean that GTAV will be packed with things to do. There’ll be a lot of hype as we get closer to release and frankly, we love getting excited for GTA, it’s a big event compared to the annual release of Call of Duty and it generates a buzz unlike any other title.

The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

3: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog are making a habit of turning up to E3 and leaving everyone’s jaws on the floor. Taking Joel and Ellie through a disease-ravaged future looks like a grim ordeal that we just can’t wait for. The level of graphical detail looks to outclass the competition all round. From faces, rippling water and even coat hangers that move when you lean on a wardrobe, everything has such a real feel to it. The game won’t be full of shoot-outs like Uncharted. Instead, ammo and weapons will be rare, making the combat desperate and violent. So far we’ve seen (and heard) a brick fly into someone’s face with a sickening crunch, heads smashed into tables, people burned alive and more. We’re liking how you’ll often have the option to sneak past rather than risk getting in a fight. And that’s just the humans; we imagine the upcoming reveal of how you can deal with the infected is going to be just as exciting.

The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

2: Tomb Raider

Lara’s back in her best-looking adventure in years. This reboot is just what the franchise needs and gives it a chance to reinvent Lara. Gone is haughty, snobbish toff Croft, she’s been replaced with a more relatable person who finds herself surrounded by danger and violence after being shipwrecked on an island. Survival looks to be a key theme running throughout the game as you’ll have to treat injuries, seek out weapons to defend yourself and hunt for food. After taking a beating from the Uncharted games in recent years, it looks like Lara is ready to take back her adventuring crown.

The Sunday Seven: 2013’s Most Wanted Games

1: Bioshock: Infinite

We’ll be heart-broken if the release date slips for this again, but at the same time, we desperately want this to be as brilliant as we know it can be. Taking the series to the skies with the floating city of Columbia was an inspired move. Every trailer has left us awestruck at the scale of the game. Travelling around on Skylines looks like a real rush, especially the death-defying leaps of faith as we change lines. Booker’s companion, Elizabeth is an interesting inclusion as she has powers that allow her to open portals into other worlds. We’ve been told we’ll have to be careful about how often we use her powers, as they’ll take a toll on her, which could impact the story too. There’s something of a concern that the game could collapse under the weight of its own ambitions, but we can’t help but think that Irrational are going to pull it off, making it our most wanted game of 2013.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to get involved and tell us what you’re looking forward to next year.

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