Game Offering An Extra 33% On Console Trade-In Values

If you’re looking to ease the pain of a pricey purchase for a Wii U or PS Vita this Christmas, why not take advantage of Game’s temporary offer? They’re offering an extra 33% value on the price of their trade-ins on the following consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS and 3DS.

The offer expires on November 15th, which falls short of the Wii U’s November 30th release date. However, you can always put the trade-in credit on a card to redeem at a later date, i.e. launch day.

You might want to clear out a few old games while you’re at it too. But rather than drag in a bag full of games only to bring them home again when you get offered 20p for FIFA ’09 and the like, why not use Game’s online Trade-In Price Checker, so you only take in what’s worth some real money.

Game’s existing policy of price matching is still in effect against local High Street competitors and they’ll beat it by £1 too. So maybe it’s time for that long overdue clearout.

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