Move Mind Benders (Review)

Top marks for whoever named this collection, still makes me laugh. Anyway, this disc of PSN PlayStation Move titles includes some lesser-known titles that may have passed you by originally, including Lemmings, Echochrome ii and Tumble.

The premise is familiar, and thankfully 2D, rescue the lemmings from their ledge-hopping doom with a variety of applicable abilities in some tasty new levels.

On paper, Lemmings controlled with the Move sounds like a good idea. In practice, it’s not great. When the lemmings are close together, the sensitive crosshairs are too awkward and struggle to pick out individuals. In addition, the buttons seemed not to work half the time. Thankfully, the game is playable with a regular controller and the analogue sticks perform admirably in the absence of a mouse.

New features I noticed since the original 90’s version included dark areas, illuminated only by dim torches and lightning strikes. Cloning machines and teleporters add an extra layer of challenge too.

The 45 new levels are tough enough to make the game last longer than you think. Most levels leave zero room for mistakes. It can really hurt when you work out the route, only to look at another part of the level, while forgetting to add umbrellas to the fellas currently flying off a ledge. Challenging, heart breaking, infuriating and well and truly missed.

Compared to the other titles in this collection, Tumble is the weak link. Using the Move controller, you pick up blocks and stack them to a certain height to reach your goal.

What probably began as a tech demo showing off the Move’s Wiimote-beating rotation and depth skills, should never have been made into a full game. Factors like weight and object surface are well considered, but it’s hardly thrilling stuff. Levels where you must destroy towers are better, but not by much.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but the difficulty spike is sudden and sharp. As soon as moving objects destroying your structures come into play, the appeal just vanishes. If you’re still young enough to enjoy stacking blocks, then you probably still have some lying around the living room somewhere. Kudos on your reading skills though.

Echochrome ii
This feels much better than the original thanks to the Move changing the gameplay. Using the Move controller as a torch, you create shadows on the floating blocks to create a path for the walking man. Changing the angle of the light creates different platforms, holes to drop down a level, or a springboard to propel them across a gap.

The aim is guide your walker to the exit, which you also have to create from the shadows. There are usually multiple routes to take and sometimes more than one exit, which adds some welcome flexibility to the game. Thankfully the walker will pause while you shine the light around, making the game more relaxed.

Other modes use the same maps to colour in the blocks by walking on their shadow. It’s tougher than it sounds, but there’s plenty of game left if you don’t want to persist.

The other mode involves collecting items strewn around the level, making you reach areas that you wouldn’t normally to complete the level. There are many maps to enjoy and a create mode allows you to unleash your own demented machinations upon the net where you can also play ones from other gamers.

The only complaint I have about the game is pompous nature of the voice-overs and the classical music strings which feels completely out of place.


  • Echochrome ii well suited to the Move setup
  • Lemmings is tough but fair
  • Cheaper than buying them on the PSN


  • Audio design for Echochrome ii is annoying
  • Poor Move support for Lemmings (pads are ok though)
  • Tumble is boring

As game related stocking fillers go, this is well worth a look. Especially when you can pick it up for as little as £15. Echochrome ii gets the prize as the best of the bunch although Lemmings is fun if you play with a pad instead.


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