PixelJunk SideScroller Announced

Q-Games have today announced a new title from their beloved PixelJunk series. What we initially thought might be PJ Shooter 3, has since turned out to be a new IP, PixelJunk SideScroller.

These guys love giving us their take on multiple gaming genres and side-scrolling shooters should be a piece of cake for them. So expect lots of traditional side-scrolling blasting, going left to right and shooting forwards-only while moving around the 2D environment trying to back away from swarms of bullet patterns.

Fans of Shooter will notice a lot of familiar elements, so many it might as well be a sequel. The fluid mechanics will return in lava, water and gas bubble form. Lava and water will interact to create hard-rock once again and most of the enemies seem to have pinched from the Shooter games too. In addition to the similar HUD and sounds, the visual design is similar, but with an extra dosage of retro-neon to give it a unique look.

So far we’ve seen three different weapons that can be swapped between at will: standard rapid fire, lasers and homing missiles.  Hopefully we’ll be able to upgrade the weapons with floating pick-ups. Two player co-op will feature heavily which will be a big help if the game is as tough as the genre’s tradition insists.

We could have been playing this game now actually, as it was originally intended to be an unlockable in Shooter 2. Once they realised how awesome it was looking, they changed their minds. Never mind, we’ll settle for a PSN release this summer.

Check out the trailer below and get excited.

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