Red Faction: Armageddon (Infestation Mode Multiplayer Hands-on Preview)

Red Faction Armageddon’s multiplayer is going for a co-op angle this time around, similar to the Horde mode in Gears of War. Teams of four players will face off against 30 stages of enemies for each of the eight maps. Expect lots of tighter arenas compared to the last game’s open multiplayer deathmatches on the surface of Mars. We’re going to miss those epic jetpack battles.

The main map we got to try out was the underground Black Market. For the most part this level was made up of fairly narrow tunnels with low ceilings, making for some claustrophobic chaos. There’s a small square decorated with lots of neon signs which all too often distracts you from looking out for the alien’s bioluminescent glowing parts. The area of play seems to loop around in a circle. With the terrain including slopes and staircases.

Magnet guns can be used to pull panels off walls or even send whole concrete pillars towards enemies. The heavier the object and the faster moving it is, the better. As that all affects how much damage it will inflict on the Martian knife-jawed horrors. In a different level, set in a cave, you can throw huge rocks ripped from the walls or even throw the sharp stalactites at them. The geo-mod engine is going to be huge in the single-player game, but you’ll have to be very quick with the magnet gun playing Infestation if you don’t want to get swarmed while choosing anchor points.

Naturally, areas where you can take cover can also be destroyed. Thankfully, pillars and low walls can be rebuilt using the Nanoforge and repair grenades. Although, you have to consider the ineffectiveness of rebuilding a low wall when the current wave is sending scuttling enemies at you, who have no problems climbing on the walls and ceiling. It’s like barricading a doorway only to discover it opens away from you, Big Lebowski-style.

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