Red Faction: Armageddon (Ruin Mode Hands-On Preview)

The demolition minigames from the previous Red Faction game have been reworked into a stand-alone Ruin mode.

Rather than being more of the same though, it’s set to be a big improvement thanks to the addition of the Magnet Gun, which if you read my recent preview of the single player game, you’d know is the new toy that every big kid should want.

The object of Raid is to destroy as much as possible in the time limit and score big by destroying structures in combo chains. Beat the par score to unlock the next stage, or keep hitting retry to climb the online leaderboards.

I got to demolish just the one stage during my hands-on with this mode. Unlike what I played of the story mode, this took place outside, on the surface of Mars at what looked like some sort of power station. Lots of chimney stacks, buildings, bridges, car-sized gas canisters and pylon-like steel towers are all used to grind the stage into dust.

Mastering the magnet gun is the key to success. Use this mad terrorist version of the gun from Portal to fire an anchor at one target then an attractor at a second to send the first object crashing towards the second point. If the object is heavy enough, it’ll destroy anything in its path. Destroying multiple structures in brief periods of time is the way to really rack up those combo points. Some objects, like the gas canisters are really sensitive, so make sure they won’t clip a fence on their way to a targeted building, unless you want a premature explosion in no man’s land.

The scoring seems to be quite inconsistent. On two separate attempts I got wildly different results. First attempt, I destroyed most of the level in the time allocated and was awarded 15 million points, second time around I destroyed even more, in less time and was awarded 5 million. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it. Better signposting is needed to tell you why your points aren’t sky rocketing despite the complete mayhem you’re causing.

Click here to read the rest of my hands-on preview at

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