Route 66 (PSP Minis Review)

Forget all thoughts of motorbikes and possible cheap Road Rash thrills right now. This is a game that has more in common with the Where’s Waldo books that everyone had in the 1990s, albeit considerably less congested. It’s actually pretty damn good too.

Instead of looking for people, you use a cursor to find eight objects cleverly hidden onscreen in a scene picture from one of the many locations along the eponymous Route 66. You scroll around the picture with the analogue stick and move a cursor with the d-pad, selecting items with X. The items can range from broccoli to Buddha’s, hazelnuts to harmonicas and pinecones to peace signs. They’re very specific too, so don’t go thinking boot means shoe or anything like that.

They might be hidden against something similar in shape and colour to camouflage them. Or sometimes as a shadow, printed on the sky for example. Logic’s just out the window; they could be anywhere and any colour.

PSP Mini: Route 66 Game Review

While you only have to find eight objects, there are many others scattered around and the tick-list will change every time you play it, although the location of the items won’t. There are 24 levels though, so it can remain a fresh experience for a while.

You are rated on each level for time taken, finding score, quick bonus and penalty (too many wrong guesses). There is a time limit for each level, but it’s unlikely to trouble you. It’s a shame there aren’t any other modes. One where you have to find all the items in each level would have been ideal.

Once you get into the swing of it you’ll hammer through it in an hour or two, but at least there’s replay value added by looking for different items next time.


  • Addictive, yet relaxing gameplay
  • Ideal for small bursts of gaming
  • Replayability


  • Text between levels is dull
  • £3.49 a little steep?
  • Only one game mode

The Short Version: This type of game might be more familiar on the PC or as a puzzle book, but I found it to be one of the most entertaining PSP Minis I’ve played in ages. There’s just something so compulsive about it, that’s perfect for playing for a few minutes or trying to hammer through it all in one go.


Platforms: PSP (also PS3 compatible)
Developer: GameShastra
Publisher: GameShastra

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