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Valkyria Chronicles II (Review)

Many fans, myself included, were worried that the transition to PSP from PS3 would be an awkward one for the well-loved original title. We needn’t have worried though as Sega have managed to get the PSP to really stand up to the challenge.

The story for this tactical JRPG once again takes places in Gallia a small country in fictional Europa, after the war that took place in the original. This time around the conflict isn’t based around an invasion, it’s a civil war. You don’t need to have finished or even played the first game to enjoy this one as the story is new and uses a different set of main characters. Fans of the original will enjoy some cameos and will most certainly settle into the combat much easier. Continue reading Valkyria Chronicles II (Review)

Valkyria Chronicles 2 (Preview)

The original Valkyria Chronicles on PS3 scored very well, but despite some very loyal fan support it didn’t sell, with sales of less than a million (according to vgchartz.com). So Sega have opted to take the series to the PSP instead. Continue reading Valkyria Chronicles 2 (Preview)