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PSN Store Website Now Live

It’s taken long enough, but you can now access the PSN Store as a regular website instead of only via your PS3. This new service allows you to buy games and DLC or pick up free demos from your PC, laptop, netbook, smartphone or tablet. You can also access your account history to check previously downloaded items and add funds to your digital wallet. While a similar service has been available for years on the Xbox 360, Sony have been a little slow off the mark.

When buying items or grabbing demos they will be added to your download list, which you access on your PS3 either in the Store or under Account Management and manually start the download. It would have been better if it downloaded automatically the next time the PS3 was online to be honest.

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New PSN Store Makes a Mess of Things

The recent 4.30 PlayStation 3 patch included a complete overhaul for the PSN Store, which now resembles the clunky setup on the Xbox 360. I’ve been waiting for a few days, just in case any tweaks were made, but now it seems this is what Sony are happy with. So how does it compare with the old store?

Well, I’ve logged on a few times since the re-launch, at different times of the day, and I’ve waited on average about 40 seconds each time to get the store to load up. The previous version usually took under ten.

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