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Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Games are great, they really are. They allow us to do things that science, reality and the like are probably never going to allow. It’s not just the glory of stabbing dragons in the face, or the elation of winning the world cup that we wish would spice up the real world every now and then though.

There are lots of little features in gaming that we take for granted, but would be incredibly helpful in the real world. Here’s seven of the best. Don’t forget to let us know some of your own too! Continue reading Top 7 Gaming Features We Need In Real-Life

Far Cry 4 (Review)

We’ve been dying for another gargantuan open-world FPS since Far Cry 3 and nothing’s come close to providing an equal timesink if we’re honest. There was promise in Destiny, but their version of our local solar system ended up being a collection of corridors and desolate wastelands with inane missions and a leveling system that demanded too much for little in return. So, chances are Ubisoft are running unopposed here, it’s not like they’re going to mess up one of their leading franchises. Well, not two of them in one year…

You are Ajay Ghale, a prodigal son returning to the Himalayan region of Kyrat to carry on his father’s work of leading a rebel group called the Golden Path against the tyrannical forces of Pagan Min. Min himself is the pink-suited fellow we’ve come to know in reveals over the last few months and is a larger than life character that suitably camps things up one moment, only to shiv a soldier in the neck over nothing the next. He’s a brilliant villain, but I’m enormously sad to report that he rarely makes an appearance for most of the game.

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