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‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ gameplay video. Maybe.

This is possibly a leaked video from Ubisoft, showing actual gameplay from Beyond Good & Evil 2.

It’s already drawn comparisons with Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge. But even at this early stage it looks like it handles itself much better than the former, with fluid animations and a Bourne film style frantic-looking chase camera.

However, for many it looks a little too good. Is this more Killzone 2 style ‘target footage’ that Ubisoft plan on getting the final game to look like? Either way, if the game itself is half as good as the original it will be stunning.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t played it, you can get it for under a fiver on eBay. So go on, you’ll thank us.

And thanks to Kotaku who were one of the first sites to put the video up.

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