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UPDATE: PlayStation Network Worldwide Crash

The PSN is out of action once again, with the Sony tech team working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Usually, when Sony have had scheduled maintenance to do, they have been quite specific with communicating the downtime. This is not a scheduled session though which means there’s no clear time-frame as to when we can expect to get back online. Worryingly, this is affecting the servers worldwide.

So what problems will this cause you? You can’t sign-in to the PSN (you’ll be greeted with the error code: 80710A06), so you can’t get access to the PSN Store or the Qriocity service. More importantly, you can’t play any games online, particularly annoying if you’re in the middle of reviewing SOCOM: Special Forces. If you have any pending downloads they will at least carry on downloading, handy if you’re trying to download that 870MB Battlefield 3 video.

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