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EA Announce Need For Speed: The Run

Popular online retailers ShopTo.net have leaked a trailer for EA’s new racer, Need for Speed: The Run. Realising it would be hard work denying the project with a EA-stamped trailer zinging around the internet, EA were quick to confirm the game’s existence. We’ve even got a release date of November 18th.

The trailer shows that we might be in for a more story-driven experience than the recent NFS titles like Shift 2 and Hot Pursuit. All we know is that your driver is called Jack and he looks like he’s about to come to a messy end, thanks to the train that’s speeding towards his overturned car. If the story involves gaining the trust of an underground racing team as a cop or someone looking for an estranged relative, EA should get re-writing that now. Continue reading EA Announce Need For Speed: The Run