BBC documentary asks “Are video games really that bad?”

The Horizon documentary series turns its gaze to the world of videogames this week in an episode called ‘Are video games really that bad?’. The most recent (August 2015) reports are discussed, where psychologists claim to have found a link between gaming and aggression/violence. These same arguments are then refuted by other experts. More interesting is how games have been studied with the approach that they might actually be beneficial to players of all ages and even how they can improve the cognitive abilities of seniors.

It’s certainly worth a watch and thankfully provides a balanced approach rather than pegging gamers as psychos just waiting to explode or nerdy basement dwellers. It’s a shame the BBC didn’t show the same level of respect for their very poorly received ‘factual drama’ about Grand Theft Auto, starring Daniel Radcliffe.

The hour-long documentary is now available on the iPlayer for the next 27 days via the link below.

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