BBC’s GTA drama starring Daniel Radcliffe dated and trailered

There’s not long to go now before the BBC’s The Gamechangers airs on BBC Two. The controversial documentary focuses on the development of the Grand Theft Auto series and the conflict between the company and outspoken US lawyer (now disbarred), Jack Thompson. Despite Grand Theft Auto developers, Rockstar, suing the BBC over the film, it would appear it’s going to air anyway.

Sam Houser, a Rockstar co-founder will be played by Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame), while Thompson will be played by Bill Paxton (Aliens, Apollo 13). Oddly, the BBC have not worked with Rockstar on the project, instead opting to base it on court documents and third party people who were apparently involved with events.

So, we’re expecting a heavily dramatised take on the real-life events, which considering the talent involved, could be an interesting watch, if a little light on solid facts. The film is a part of the BBC’s upcoming initiative to get young people and children into coding. Counterintuitively, they’ve also said this film is intended for an adult audience (and it’s based on an adult game).

Alan Partridge’s (fictional) torrid relationship with the BBC seems more and more real with everything I read about the BBC nowadays. The lack of communication with Rockstar,  the farce of TV license fees and the will they/won’t they take BBC3 online-only (just kill it already) show an increasingly out-of-touch company.

But hey, Radcliffe seems to have made an effort (he’s got a beard and everything) so we’ll tune in. The Gamechangers will be shown September 15th on BBC2 from 9pm-10:30pm. It’ll probably show up on the iPlayer a day or so later. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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