Attack on Titan gameplay footage breaches the wall

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular new names in manga/anime right now and we’re rather excited about the new game. But also a bit nervous as the complex action could be a tough test for the 3DS to handle. For those of you that haven’t seen the anime (it’s on UK Netflix, so get it sorted), it features humans taking on huge Titan enemies that keep breaching city walls to nom all the humans. Using your ODM (Omni-directional Mobility) Gear you use wired hooks to fly around a level in a manner not a million miles away from Spider-Man.

It’s not clear how much control you’ll have in the final game over movement, but it would seem that the critical strikes are QTE’s with timed strikes required via timing circles indicating the best time to hit the button. If players are given manual control over movement, we hope the camera is up to the job, as anyone that has seen the show will attest, the Scout Titan killers move very quickly and change direction to dizzying effect. 4-player co-op will be included with online and local options, which sounds fantastic if we’re honest and the game seems to be shaping up way better than we imagined.

There’s will also be a bit of Titan on Titan action, but we’ll not go into detail for those of you yet to see the show. The game is out next month, which should keep fans entertained for a while, especially seeing as Season 2 won’t even be hitting Japan until 2016. There is a live-action movie on the way too, which we hope maintains the grim feel of the show. Seriously, this thing pulls no punches. If you don’t have Netflix, the first two episodes are available for free on the Nintendo eShop (not for children!).

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