Save yourself some time and ignore Square-Enix’s #cantkillprogress Twitch reveal (for now)

Square Enix are currently ‘revealing’ their new game, which we don’t even have a name for, via an interactive broadcast on Twitch. We say interactive (well, they’re saying it), but there is no clue as to how to interact with it.

The video began by showing a man strapped to a chair and being interrogated by someone with an Eastern European voice. The man in the chair was being asked what music he preferred, Folk or Classical. Throughout, voting text appeared on the screen, perhaps to encourage Twitch viewers to vote themselves.

This went on for what felt like forever, until the camera cut to the man passed out in a cell. Another person came in, poked him with his foot a bit and left. All we’re left with is another countdown to the ‘Next Vote’ in nearly five hours’ time.

With the comments feed alongside the video filling with entries so quickly, it was impossible to read more than a couple at once. In between all the swearing and images of wangs made from letters, some people tried voting or inputting camera names from the data on-screen, hoping for a different angle of the action. But this didn’t work either.

Anything else to go on with while we wait? Well, there’s a hashtag of #cantkillprogress watermarked on the screen. Some ‘files’ have also appeared under the video broadcast. The first of which takes you to an instagram video, where a distorted file shows someone with a yellow hood and audio in what could be Russian. Here’s a link.

And that’s it. We’re not waiting another four and a half hours to see what this is all about. We’ll take a look when Square-Enix remembers how to reveal a game. Speculation ranges from a new Deus Ex game, more Hitman or just some mobile/tablet shovelware. Whatever it is, this feels like a botched experiment, especially as it’s so stretched out. Now, P.T and Silent Hills, that’s how you do a smart reveal. If you want to take a look at the Twitch stream, go on ahead.

Oh, wait! He’s waking up! *don’t care*

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