Lego Jurassic World to include all four movies – have a trailer

After the recent disappointing news that Traveller’s Tales would not be completing Lego The Hobbit with content from the third movie, we felt somewhat screwed over by the studio and Warner Bros. Giving us all four Jurassic Park movies in one game is certainly a step in the right direction though. Today’s new trailer boasts that the upcoming Lego Jurassic World will include content from the original trilogy and the new film. Clever girl, indeed.

Original dialogue from the movies will be included, in a similar way to the Hobbit and LOTR titles, and we think it lends itself to humour a little bit more than the po-faced Middle Earth adventures. Lego Jeff Goldblum – what else does a game need? Iconic scenes to be found in the trailer all seem to be from the first movie so expect Lego-riffs on the T-Rex chase, the Clever Girl moment and the Raptor feeding scene.

Regular gameplay is a bit thin on the ground. Will hitting raptors with a stick be a viable option? We somewhat doubt it, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see guns play a larger role. The little procompsognathus are probably going to get a kicking though. Fingers crossed we get to play as dinosaurs at some point too. The dilophosaurus is surely an apt character for spitting at Lego target switches?

The game will launch in June on PS4, XO, PC, PS3, 360, Wii U, 3DS and Vita. Enough talk, hold onto your butts and check out the trailer below.

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