Lego The Hobbit Gets a Dubstep Festival Mode

Lego The Hobbit Gets a Dubstep Festival Mode

That’s right folks; the Dubstep craze has hit Middle Earth! While questing towards a lengthy Platinum Trophy in Lego The Hobbit, you can unearth one of the many Red Bricks that act as cheat mods for the game, giving you anything from stud multipliers, disguises, super slaps and many more besides. Well, activate one called Middle Earth Festival and you’ll never get bored roaming around the open world hunting down those final Mithril Bricks.

Have you ever wanted to see your favourite Lego The Hobbit characters get down to some seriously bangin’ dubstep including dialogue samples from The Hobbit and LOTR movies as Middle Earth is bathed in disco lighting? Who hasn’t! It already sounds better than watching any of the Hobbit movies again.

Take a look at this quick video I pulled from my PS4 this weekend that shows various minifig characters getting down. The video includes dancing from the likes of Bilbo, an elf, Sauron, Gandalf, a dwarf and naturally, Gollum.

Lego The Hobbit has turned out to be quite a buggy and lazy release from Traveller’s Tales, but with the promise of an easy Platinum Trophy and some fun co-op adventuring (that’s what I’m calling recruiting my girlfriend into halving the workload) I’ve managed to find an amusing way to grind through the final hours. There’s a retro 8-bit cheat mod too, but in all honesty, it’s a bit rubbish.

As amusing as it is, it won’t be enough to stop me slinging the finished game on eBay as soon as I’m done, despite the final part of the Hobbit trilogy coming later in DLC form. Frankly, I’m still a bit disappointed that Warner Bros are fleecing fans by releasing the game now instead of December as a complete edition. That said, I’d expect a complete re-release around then for the same price Lego The Hobbit is now. So maybe, it’s best to wait if you’ve not picked up the game yet.

Let us know your thoughts about Warner’s odd timing for Lego The Hobbit or if you’ve found anything amusing in the game so far too.

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