Gauntlet Remake Coming in Summer to PC

Gauntlet Remake Coming in Summer to PC

Warner Bros. Interactive have just announced a remake of the retro classic, Gauntlet. The game will be released this summer through Steam and will also be available on the range of upcoming Steam machine platforms. Development is being handled by Arrowhead Game Studios. 

David Haddad, Senior Vice President of Digital Games at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment said, “With Gauntlet we combined the arcade style of the original game with an entirely new look and feature set that includes emergent, local and online four-player gameplay. Gauntlet will be the first title in the WB Games Vault portfolio, which will provide us with an opportunity to access emerging talent within the game development community and match unique skills and experience with our extensive library of properties.”

Check out the new Gauntlet trailer below:

Players will select characters from the usual classes of warrior, elf, wizard and valkyrie and enter procedurally generated dungeons, which -along with the unique play style of each character- should keep the game feeling fresh after multiple playthroughs.  On their travels they’ll be looting corpses and chests for magical relics and new weapons to take on ghosts, grunts, demons, spiders, sorcerers and skeleton warriors. And you were worried this would be cliched.

It doesn’t look like Arrowhead are messing with the traditional Gauntlet formula much (probably for the best) and Johan Pilestedt, CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios said, “To us at Arrowhead, Gauntlet is one of the most defining games from our childhoods, and it’s amazing to be able to work with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on a brand new version. Gauntlet is one of the original and best known video game properties and we are looking forward to creating a fresh, yet true to the original, take on a multiplayer masterpiece.”

Fingers crossed this will make it to the digital platforms on the consoles too. You can never have enough loot after all, Warner Bros. Actually, where the hell has Diablo III gone for the PS4 and Xbox One?

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