Don’t Starve – PS4 Gameplay

Our new playthrough video is a 12 minute glimpse at the world of Don’t Starve, the latest free PS4 game to land on the PS Plus service. The game’s similarities to the likes of Minecraft, or more specifically Terraria, are there for all the indie-PC crowd to see. But how will such a niche survival-style title fare on the PS4?

Sony has been keen to show off their indie credentials with the PS4, but have they perhaps made a rare miss-calculation by having this as the first free PS Plus title since Contrast and Resogun back at launch last year? I’m very much a console gamer, but I managed to get into Terraria when I covered it on the 360 elsewhere last year. But Don’t Starve is a different sort of beast with its aggressive one-life policy making it hard to stomach, especially given the lack of any tangible rewards for the time required to put in. That said, I’ve only played the game for about two hours so far.

As I said though, the game is free on PS Plus right now, so give it a go if you’re hooked up, or check out my playthrough video to see the game in action first. It says a lot, that it’s made me look forward to DriveClub (will be free on PS Plus next month) so much more now. Naturally, we’d love to hear from any of our readers who’ve downloaded the game recently too.

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