PS4 Day One Firmware Update Adds Essential Features

Sony have announced that a firmware update will be awaiting gamers on launch day in order to add some essential features. Firmware update 1.50 will only be around 300MB, so shouldn’t take as long as the Xbox One’s day one update at least.

The update will unlock Remote Play (use the Vita instead of your TV), Second Screen (Vita/tablets/mobile function) and the video sharing and spectating features. There’s also multiple logins, the play while you download feature, voice chat, facial recognition and voice commands and a background music player. But most importantly, the update will unlock online multiplayer and DVD/Blu-ray playback functionality.

That’s  a lot of features to lock away to be honest, but 300MB shouldn’t take long at for most broadband speeds. Even so, you have to wonder why Sony have locked so many of these features away in the first place. We’re presuming it’s some sort of anti-piracy measure.

The play/resume feature, where you put the console into a low powered mode (like a laptop’s sleep mode) and resume a game instantly, will not be available at launch though. No date has been given for when we can expect to see it yet either. It’s not exactly the end of the world though is it?

[EU PS Blog]

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