Mars: War Logs (Review)

That’s One Red Dead Planet

Low cost downloadable RPGs are something of a rarity on consoles, with only Rainbow Moon coming to mind in recent years as anything vaguely worth your attention. Mars: War Logs would like to get involved with the genre too, despite being more of an action-RPG.

Set far into the future, Mars has undergone colonisation, but that new civilisation has long since collapsed. It has been replaced by warring water companies as everyone inexplicably fights over the dusty hellhole.

You control Temperance (everyone has strange quasi-religious names), or Roy as he prefers to be known. Roy is stuck in a prisoner of war camp and is hell-bent on escaping. So he takes in a new prisoner called Innocence, before the other prisoners get their chance pass him around like the soap. From here, the story involves rebellions, militia, betrayals and so on. This isn’t the longest of RPGs out there, so I won’t divulge anymore plot details.

There is a bit of a Mass Effect vibe going on, with branching conversations enabling you to talk your way out of trouble or get stuck in with a lead pipe. Roy’s quite the charmer too as he’s not afraid to try to get his way with the ladies.

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