Gaming TV Channel Ginx Launches on Virgin Media

UK TV is a bit rubbish for gaming content, but maybe that’s all about to change thanks to Ginx TV. The new channel, which has a sole focus on video games, will be freely available to anyone with a Virgin Media TV package.

The channel will be on the air 24 hours a day with lots of different shows catering for all sorts of gamers. The First Hour does what it says on the tin by walking you through the first hour of the latest titles. Games Evolved tracks the history of the biggest franchises and genres. The Blurb is a magazine show covering news, reviews and interviews. The Quest has you covered for RPG and MMO titles. The Ginx Vault rolls back the clock for retro titles. Even apps get a show in Planet of the Apps. At the moment there are 12 shows on the channel, also covering sports, FPS titles racing games and so on.

With 3.5 million customers using Virgin’s TV service it’s a sizable audience for Ginx TV, who operate in 40 countries and currently reach 10 million viewers.

In an interview in this week’s edition of MCV, CEO Michiel Bakker said, “TV seems to have grown up in a parallel universe to video games. Television has ignored video games for too long, particularly since gaming has become such a massively mainstream activity. TV just hasn’t caught up and there’s where Ginx sees the gap.”

We’d have to agree, while many of us are used to watching trailers and online-only gaming shows on the web, there will be lots of people who would be better reached via TV shows. Not too mention we’d like to enjoy some shows on the TV instead of the laptop or tablet once in a while.

So how about it readers? Have you had a chance to tune in yet? Or will you be keeping your fingers crossed that Ginx make their way to Freeview?

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