BattleBlock Theater (Review)

Platforming performance receives standing ovation.

Fans of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers rejoice. The Behemoth have returned and they’ve struck gaming gold again. After nailing 2D scrolling shooters and beat em’ ups they’ve turned their hands to old-school platforming. And it’s fantastic.

The bright and crisp cell-shaded 2D art style is striking, compelling throughout, and consistent with the studio’s previous games. Many of the characters have something of a cutout feel to them, hell, some of them are literally being bounced around on sticks like puppet placards, but it all works so well.

This is in large part to the bonkers story. Mr Hatty Hattington and his friends on his ‘Friend-ship’ are shipwrecked on an island run by crazy creepy cat types. The naughty kitties brainwash Hatty, and for reasons known to absolutely nobody, the rest of the crew have to perform on stage in feats of daring platforming against kitty minions and perilous traps.

The narrator of the story is clearly off his cake and fills in the gaps between chapters with further amusing gibberish. Even during the stages, he can’t help but natter away. “I can’t believe you died there of all places,” and “Do it right, don’t die,” are just some of the quips that accompany the silliness and his enthusiastic song when you discover a secret level will stay in your head long after you leave the house. The weirdness of it all is so brilliantly unlike anything else out there it will make you sad going back to reality afterwards.

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