Bidding Ends on Remaining THQ IPs

Most of THQ’s game brands or intellectual properties (IPs) were snatched up in January, with the likes of Saints Row, Homefront and Metro quickly finding new owners, mainly due to development for the next titles in the series already being well under way. However, a few IPs were unsold, meaning a secondary auction would be required. Bidding has just ended with 17 bids to be offered to the courts.

Names of bidders and what they bid on are yet to be revealed, but Polygon have dug out a few details. The IPs were bundled into six different lots as listed below:

  • Darksiders series
  • Red Faction series
  • Homeworld series
  • MX series
  • Other Owned Software, including Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans!, Summoner, and more
  • Other Licensed Software, including Marvel Super Hero, Supreme Commander, Worms, and more

We already know that Crytek -who absorbed many staff from Vigil- intended to bid on the Darksiders series, we’d much rather see Platinum sweep in though. Indie hopefuls, TeamPixel, have already admitted to being outbid for Homeworld. Of the other remaining lots we’re keen to see who fancies taking a crack at the frequently underrated Red Faction series. We’re sure Worms will find a new owner too. The MX games have a bit of a generic reputation and the last Destroy All Humans game was mauled by all, but hopefully someone can still see some potential in the little grey fella.

Bids are expected to raise between six and seven million dollars and they will be presented to the courts in May, with deals to be finalised by the end of that month if approved. We might even find out who bought what by then. If you’re feeling nostalgic for THQ, check out my list of their best games this generation.

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