Road Redemption Kickstarter Ignites Road Rash Memories

Seeing as EA seem like they’re never going to do anything with the Road Rash license, an indie team, DarkSeas Games, have launched a kickstarter to help fund their own Road Rash-inspired title, Road Redemption. Road Rash was a motorbike street racing game that had its heyday during the 90s on the Mega Drive where gamers could use chains, bats, kicks and punches to get to the finish line first. Frankly, we’ve missed it a lot.

Development is already well under way, but don’t expect to see the game until July 2014. The game will be released on PC, Mac and Linux. Console versions are likely to follow as stretch goals. The team say 360 development would be easy for them, as they have experienced staff in that field. They also hope to bring the game to the PS4.

The video shows a decent amount of gameplay with lots of weapon-based motorcycle combat to enjoy. The use of firearms seems like a strange choice as the Road Rash titles never bothered, but we suppose the times have changed. There will be a GTA-esque story involving joining a biker gang and taking out rival gangs. Mission types will involve violent races, escaping the cops, assaulting convoys and more.

More details along with the various amounts you can pledge for various rewards can be found at their kickstarter page.

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