The Sunday Seven: Sony’s Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that Sony has a big reveal lined up for a PlayStation Meeting on February 20th. We don’t think Sony would have the nerve to announce anything other than their Next Generation console at the meeting. Next gen rumours are at their highest point and it’s about time we got some answers and not something like PS Move+.

So, assuming Sony don’t just show us a console shell on a podium before cheerily bidding us goodnight and promising a second date at E3, I think we’ll be shown a few more things on February 20th. Don’t forget we still have a big year of gaming ahead of us regardless of the PS4 and Sony will be keen to avoid accidentally killing off the market for the PS3 and Vita by announcing their new machine alone. Instead, I think they will want to strengthen their brand to ensure they move onto the next gen leaving the best final impression of this generation. But yes, we think they’re going to show us some jaw-dropping new stuff too. I’ve already gone into detail about what they should do to rebuild their controller, so here’s my list of seven other things I think we may see at the meeting.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

1: Bioshock Vita

We’re not expecting a stage demo (that would be nice though), but any signs of life would be great. Back in December, Ken Levine told Eurogamer that the game was currently in the hands of the suits at Take Two and Sony, leaving us to draw the conclusion that perhaps work hadn’t even begun on the handheld title.

Admittedly, Irrational and Levine will have had their hands busy polishing off Infinite, but a sign of some sort of commitment to the Vita would allay a few fears for Vita owners about the total lack of decent third-part support the technically impressive device has seen.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

2: Vita / PS3 Price Cut

If you’re not going to announce any games for the stagnant Vita, then a much-needed price cut is in order. We’d like to see the Vita form strong links with the PS4 and if that’s going to happen, Sony will want to build something resembling a user-base instead of a collection of mourning journalists.

A PS4 announcement, particularly if we’re getting it this year, must be met with a cheaper PS3 to drive incentive to buy what many could see as an obsolete purchase. Not another skinnier version for the same price. Cheaper.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

3: PS Move Montage

One last push. Sony won’t want to completely abandon the Move peripheral just yet. And with more to come from Wonderbook with Walking with Dinosaurs and missing in action titles like the horror movie-esque Until Dawn, we’re still hopeful that there will be a few more worthy games for the underused motion controller. Or just give me Sports Champions 3 and call it even.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

4: Grand Theft Auto V

Obviously, Rockstar’s gargantuan juggernaut is not a platform exclusive. But that doesn’t mean Sony may not try to get a first-look stage demo, gameplay trailer or something similar to show off. Or maybe announce some exclusive DLC? GTA V could be the year’s biggest game and that name on-stage with Sony will garner them huge publicity for the event. Great for Sony, but man oh man we’d really like to see Rockstar’s upcoming beast in action too.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

5: Gran Turismo 6

This could be insanely hot on the PS4, just imagine how many polygons they’ll squeeze into each car. We’re unlikely to see it on PS3 given the ridiculous turnaround time the dev team required for the last game. With GT5 being a little bit, well…boring, Sony may have to give Polyphony a boot up the arse if they want to catch up to the now genuine rivals found in Forza Motorsport’s pit lane.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

6: Killzone 4

Despite being a bit naughty with Killzone 2 and a concept video passed off as gameplay years ago, Sony are bound to have the main Dutch body of Guerrilla Games busily working away on a newKillzone. If you were going to back an exclusive FPS for Sony to show off a new console, you’re hardly likely to put your cash down on Resistance first are you?

The gritty FPS series is one of the most technically impressive seen on this generation of consoles and the brand has a reputation to build on, even more so if Sony want to make a dent in Microsoft’s dominance with Halo.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

7: The Last Guardian

Only kidding, we’re not being shown any of that one. That game was a mass hallucination brought on by global warming, BP and horsemeat stuffed poptarts. Onto the real number 7.

The Sunday Seven: Sony's Other Big Reveals for Feb 20th

7: PS4 to Be Released Next Month!

Go on Sony, just go nuts. Can you fucking imagine if something that insane was announced? The internet would break within minutes. It’s exactly the sort of thing the industry needs right now. Please Sony, don’t go through the boring release waltz of trickling out further rumours, botching an E3 presser Nintendo-style, followed by awful arthouse twattery excuses for TV adverts a year later before a dead on arrival release six month after the next Xbox. Just shove it in our faces now.

Show us a montage of some brilliant looking games, then right at the end of the presser, just unleash a March 20th release date and watch the gaming world explode. The publicity would be immense, Microsoft wouldn’t know whether to shit or go blind, your stocks would rocket and high street retail (or what’s left of it) may make rent on time for once.

Brilliant, I’ve now managed to wind myself up and am now convinced that Sony WILL release the PS4 in the next few months. We’d love to hear about what you want or expect from the meeting too, so drop us a line in the comments below. PS4 NEXT MONTH! Damnit, not getting any sleep tonight now.

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