Red and Blue PS3 Super Slim Consoles Coming Soon

Sony are releasing two new versions of their 500GB Super Slim console on February 15th. Consumers will have the option of picking up red or blue versions, both of which will come with two DualShock 3 controllers for £249.99.

Both the red and blue models are currently available to pre-order at Game, with the red one being an exclusive to the store. If the white slim PS3 is anything to go by, these will only see a limited release and will be much more expensive on eBay at a later date, so act fast if they take your fancy.

While the black model released late last year appeared to look a bit cheap and tacky, I think these versions look much better, or maybe I’ve just become indifferent to my original 60GB version. Only kidding, I get to play PS2 games in HD after all.

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