PS3 Finally Getting Skyrim DLC in February

Usually, Microsoft have to get their wallets out to ensure timed-exclusive DLC for the 360, but thanks to Bethesda’s poor PS3 development skills, they got the Skyrim ones for free. PS3 fans can now stop feeling so left out though as Bethesda have recently confirmed that all three packs –Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard– will be coming at some point in February. There’s even more good news for the beleaguered PS3 gamer too…

For the first week each piece of DLC appears on the PSN store, it’ll be available at half price. Celebrations will possibly be on hold until a few reviews hit the net, as PS3 versions of Bethesda games and their DLC are notoriously glitch-ridden.

So how about it PS3 gamers? Are you still up for some extra Skyrim or have Bethesda lost you for good?

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