Nintendo Launch Blue Wii for Final Christmas Assault

Console bundled with Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on November 18th.

With Nintendo hoping the Wii U will be bringing in the cash next Christmas, the blue console will be the Wii’s last chance to shine at gaming’s busiest season. Backwards compatibility for GameCube games and controllers will no longer be supported though.

While it’s always sad to see functions removed from consoles, it’s likely that everyone who would use a Wii for GC titles, already has one or an original GC console anyway. Money-saving gamers might be more annoyed at not being able to pick up a few cheap GC controllers for multiplayer. Classic Wii controllers will still be supported though for the relevant titles.

Bundling the console with the London games title seems like a smart move to cash in on the build-up to the Olympics next year. Sales of the Mario & Sonic series have been strong in the past and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the new game stay in the charts throughout the Christmas period and right through the games themselves next year.

The biggest threat to sales of this version of the Wii will be Microsoft’s relentless Kinect advertising this Christmas season. That and most people already owning a Wii.

Source:  Eurogamer

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