White Xperia Play Emerges On O2

How nice is the newly revealed white Sony Ericsson Xperia Play? So nice that O2 seem to have nabbed the PlayStation-fused phone as an exclusive. There’s still time for the other carriers to pick it up, but O2 are the only ones to confirm so far.

It’s likely that the alarm clock/charger dock will be used by some networks to tempt buyers, but we’re more interested by the white version to be honest which won’t show as many greasy fingermarks (we live off Pringles you see). Sexy as it is, it runs the risk of remaining completely unseen against white backgrounds, making photo-shoots a nightmare. For god’s sake don’t drop it in the snow, it’ll be gone forever.

The Xperia Play is still on course for an April release. If you’re undecided, check out our hands-on preview that takes a look at the games too.

[Mobot via engadget]

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