Don’t Go Zombie (Flash Review)

Take away the frustration of planning your journey on Google Maps with this neat game. Because everything’s better with a dash of zombies right? Ok so it might be a little distracting to plan journeys with but it is cool how Google Maps is used in this zombie shooter.

Simply enter your postcode or anywhere else in the UK that has had a street view added to the Google Maps servers and you’re away. The game chooses a random nearby destination for you to aim for by clicking forwards on the street-view picture to zoom forwards bit by bit and change direction with the navigation controls in the corner. Every now and then you will be attacked by some hand-drawn styled zombies that must be shot to progress.

Ok, you don’t get a shotgun, as the game is sponsored by Virgin Trains (as a part of their ‘Don’t Go Zombie… Go Virgin Trains’ ad campaign) the zombies are actually tired travellers in need of a train. Your weapon is a sort of electronic ticket machine. Use your mouse to fire tickets. Body shots will stun them, slowing them down. You’ll need to land a head shot (slaps a ticket to their forehead) to cheer them up and send them off to their train.

Power-ups include rapid-fire and ‘group bookings’ to clear a whole screen of zombies for when you’re about to get mauled. Tension is added by your weapon having limited shots before needing to reload with the space bar.

When the zombies get too close they’ll strike you leaving a glowing hand-print on the screen as your panic-levels start to rise. It’s not very clear how much damage you can take before dying which is a bit annoying, especially when you’re so close to your goal.

If you do get overrun you become a zombie too and can ask your friends via the Facebook linkup to help turn you back. You can start again too if you want. But hey you might as well do the Facebook thing even if it’s just to get your own back by filling up your mates feeds with stuff as payback for all the relentless Farmville and Castle Age bollocks.

The gameplay might not change over time but you’ve no excuse for not having enough levels to play in. Be it around the UK’s tourist spots or just your route to work or the shops. All in all, a fun distraction to whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing.

Play the game for free here.

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