Block Cascade Fusion (PSP Minis Review)

Another block puzzle game for the PSP. It’s simple, colourful and cheap. What’s not to like?

The setup is very similar to the classic Lumines games. Blocks come down from the top in three different colours, either in squares of four, a block of six or a line of three. Rotate them on their way down to line up five of the same vertically or horizontally. Try and get as many connected to the line as possible for a combo.

The last block of the five needs to be put in last as you can’t add to a highlighted group afterwards like you can in Lumines. After the timer at the side of the screen reaches zero, a line will sweep down from the top and clear away any linked squares. Sometimes it takes ages to arrive, 25 seconds can feel like a lifetime when your screen is filling up.

And that’s it really, don’t let the pile reach the top and keep going. As you progress through the levels, the background may change as will the shapes of your blocks. You’ll have hexagons, balls and solid squares for example. The squares are the best as they’re much clearer onscreen.

There aren’t any other modes at all, but the game proves to be quite addictive as you try and beat your high score. Early games may only last five or ten minutes, but before you know it, games are getting towards the hour mark. And yeah, you’ll be devastated when you fail. More so perhaps when you kinda get screwed over at the end as the controls to move left and right seem to become sluggish when you’re trying to avoid the inexplicable tower that you’ve built in the middle of the screen, again!

It’s a nice variation on the Lumines formula, although it can be frustrating being unable to add extra blocks to a combo before the line arrives. It’s probably for the best as the lawyers might have been having words with developers Gamelion.

Block Cascade Fusion (PSP Minis Review)


  • Simple to learn and fun to play
  • Bargain price
  • You’ll be having ‘one more go’ for hours


  • Not much of a looker
  • Just one mode (it is only £2.39 though)
  • Too close to Lumines?

The Short Version: A great PSP Minis title, that’ll help pass the time well for any block-puzzler fan. At only £2.39, it’s an absolute bargain too.


Format: PSP
Developer: Gamelion
Publisher: Gamelion

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