Stop Stress: A Day of Fury (WiiWare Review)

The ‘Day of Fury’ part of the title probably gave it away, but this isn’t part of the Wii Fit-style wave of games. So there’ll be no breathing games or dragging out the balance board, instead it’s good old-fashioned hit-things-with-a-stick gameplay.

Everything in the game seems to be enraging your guy, so in order to keep his stress levels (like a health bar) down you need to smash everything up and occasionally calm yourself down by finding money or a brew.

Playing from a first person perspective you guide your stressed psychopath through environments like your flat, a bridge traffic jam, your office and the airport. Using weapons varying from a slipper to a fire axe you must smash your way through doors, zombie cops, bugs, and hallucinations of traffic-signal men and other such demented ‘issues’.

Missions involve finding and destroying all your alarm clocks, breaking car windows, smashing phones and finding missing luggage at the airport. If you’ve ever seen the film Falling Down, just imagine that but with Michael Douglas on acid too.

The controls are similar to a FPS but with movement restricted to ‘blocks’ on an invisible grid. This makes it easy to pick up and always puts you in-front of something relevant. Very handy for people unfamiliar with FPS-style controls if maybe a little slow for everyone else.

Vertical or horizontal swings of the remote reproduce similar motions with a bat, sledgehammer or whatever else you’ve found lying around. You can also hold the A button and throw bricks at enemies from afar. The aiming crosshairs are very sensitive, but then you realise they’re very forgiving with a much wider range than the reticule.

Enemy design is one of the game’s highlights, even if they are occasionally annoying when they’re nibbling at your feet. There are some fantastically drawn rats that launch themselves at your face or, when your little psychos mind has totally gone, little red and green men that have escaped from the traffic lights. Each of the boss fights is well designed too with a well-balanced difficulty about them.

There are hidden traps amongst the items you destroy to keep you alert. Accidentally hit a can of sardines and you’ll be surrounded by flies and watch out for sticks of TNT or ticking bombs.

The level design is somewhat bland, but the hand-drawn comic book cut-away shots are dementedly funny and fit the game’s theme well. It’s incredibly short at only four levels, but does do what it set out to do (have a bit of a rage), if only briefly.

It’s over-priced at 800 points (about £5.50) considering the lack of replay value other than getting a better score or trying a harder difficulty. You might get a few laughs from some friends at a party though as it is easy to pick up and good for a few laughs.


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