Burnout’s Big Surf Island Date Revealed

Construction yardWell the date’s finally here. Pack your bags (think up a good excuse to skive work) because June 11th we’re all heading off to Big Surf Island with Burnout Paradise.

We’ve all tried getting a peak from the car park roof across the water to see what’s going on and the recent videos from Criterion have ramped up the excitement considerably over the last few weeks.

The Ultimate Drift?There’s at least nine new cars on offer including a Motorstorm type buggy, the Carson Dust Storm, that looks set to be a beast for all the new gargantuan jumps. There’s a spiral tower multi-story car park that you’ll be able to drift all the way to the top in, and you’ll be able to fly off the top too! A construction site will become one of the most popular playgrounds online. Everything is loaded with jumps for height, distance and barrel rolling mania. Some jumps even have multi-levels taking you ever closer to the clouds. The island will feature additional events, Freeburn Challenges and Trophies too.

There’s no mention of pricing yet, so you can presume it’s not going to be free. You can see all the sun-kissed madness on the video over at Criterions site here. Let’s just hope it’s going to be sensibly priced, unlike the various car-sets of recent months.

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