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Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD (Review)

A Better Reflection


The 3DS was always going to struggle with the ambitious graphics in Mirror of Fate, but we no longer have to fend off its ugly with a crucifix, because Konami have unleashed a HD makeover on the PS3 and Xbox 360 digital stores and at a bargain price of £9.99.

For those of you who missed the 3DS version, the game ditches the 3D action feel of Lords of Shadow for something more in line with the classic 2D Castlevania games. So expect lots of platforming, exploration and fending off opponents from both sides.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer Ups the Drama

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is looking to end the Lords of Shadow saga in style early next year. Although, if you’re yet to play any of the series, I’d advise staying away from this trailer as it gives away the endings for the first game and Mirrors of Fate. Speaking of Mirrors of Fate, which was originally a 3DS game, I’ll have a review of the HD remake for you later on today. While you’re waiting, check out my recent hands-on preview of Lords of Shadow 2. Continue reading Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer Ups the Drama

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (Hands-On Preview)

First things first. This hands-on report will be spoiler-free regarding the first game. I’m currently playing that one through (I know, I’m late) and several previews for the new game have blown the first game’s ending. I don’t want to do the same if you’re yet to play Lords of Shadow. So read this, then get on it, you don’t want to get left behind again.

The word on the wire is that this concluding part of the Lords of Shadow saga is going to be a more open world affair. That’s not on display here though as this is more of an introduction. Don’t worry; it’s much more exciting than it sounds. There’s a massive, Holy Transformer thing for starters! But more on that later.

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Disney Infinity Toy Box Combat Trailer

Only a few weeks to go now before Disney’s tie-in to end all tie-ins arrives. This latest trailer shows off multiple characters’ attack moves and lots of crazy weaponry in Toy Box mode, where players can create or download new levels. Check out my hands-on preview for more details on this section of the game.

Disney Infinity clearly has the likes of Skylanders and Little Big Planet in its sights and with the huge range of Disney and Pixar characters and worlds to choose from, we think this could be something special. We’re expecting Disney to take advantage of their new Star Wars and Marvel licenses with this too, so you’ll finally have an excuse for filling your house with plastic toys again. Check out the trailer after the break. Continue reading Disney Infinity Toy Box Combat Trailer

Deadpool (Review)

The spandex-sporting shooty, slicy, shouty scamp

The superhero barrel gets another scraping for yet another video game tie-in. This time, for Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool. The dude hasn’t even had a movie yet. But hey, that might work in his favour.

Newcomers to Deadpool’s universe should know that he’s known as a character that frequently breaks the fourth wall in comics. Essentially, he knows he’s a comic book character even though everyone else in the Marvel Universe has no idea. This allows him to constantly talk to the readers and share jokes with them, often at the bewilderment of the likes of Wolverine who can’t fathom why he’s so laid-back all the time (he’s already skimmed through the script of this game for example). Continue reading Deadpool (Review)

Strength of the Sword 3 (Review)

Remember those bits in Demon’s Souls when you finally overcame a tough stage or defeated a boss that had been smashing your broken body into the ground every time you scrambled through hell on earth just to get to him? Felt good, yes? Well, it’s a good thing you probably still have plenty to do in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, because despite Strength of the Sword 3 proudly wearing its tough difficulty badge with honour, it’s amateur hour when it steps into the arena with its rivals.

I like to think I have a fairly sound knowledge of games released in the last ten years, so it was with a mild sense of shame I accepted the task of reviewing part three of a series I’d never heard of. After my first hour with the game though, I was convinced something was amiss. How the hell had this monster managed to escape from a dev kit beforehand? Had it always been like this?

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New Ride to Hell: Retribution Trailer Rocks Beards, Boobs and Bikers

We’re getting ever closer to the release of Ride to Hell: Retribution later this month and here’s the latest trailer. Expect cheesy dumb-ass dialogue, cleavage, shotguns and one man and his hog leaping over a helicopter.

Gameplay is once again a bit thin on the ground in this trailer for the sandbox biker-gang adventure, but the grindhouse feel to the game does have a certain appeal. Gameplay will feature hand-to hand combat on the ground but the motorcyle combat is what we really want to get our hands on, mainly to fill the Road Rash-shaped void in our hearts. Continue reading New Ride to Hell: Retribution Trailer Rocks Beards, Boobs and Bikers

Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf DLC Trailered

We’ve been waiting to get our hands on this cyborg hound since that first encounter in the Revengeance demo last year and next week we’ll finally be able to in the latest DLC drop. Featuring a new chapter to play through along with unique boss encounters, players take control the robotic wolf, named LQ-84i. And you though Amaterasu was a strange name for a wolf in Okami.

Here’s the official blurb, “Reactivated by Desperado Enforcement’s leader Sundowner and serving under Mistral, the DLC reveals LQ-84i’s story prior to his battle and eventual partnership with Raiden, and his transformation into Blade Wolf. Players can battle countless enemies using an arsenal of weapons and abilities, culminating in an all-new boss battle.”

There’s a trailer for you after the break. It’s all in Japanese, but the action makes it well worth a watch. The DLC arrives on the 360 May 14th and PS3 May 15th. Continue reading Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf DLC Trailered

Muramasa: Rebirth Coming to US Vitas in June

A Vita version of the fantastic cult Wii title, Muramasa: Demon Blade, is set for a release on June 25th in the US. Renamed as Muramasa: Rebirth, the game will include extra characters and stages. If you missed the game first time around, you’re in for a real treat with this excellent side-scrolling adventure that features some super-slick hack n’ slash combat with a sprinkling of RPG elements.

The enhanced visuals look better than ever on the Vita’s screen and the widescreen setup suits the game really well. No UK date has been confirmed yet, but the Vita is multi-region so you’d be able to import it if the publishers drag their feet. Enjoy the trailer after the break. Continue reading Muramasa: Rebirth Coming to US Vitas in June

God of War: Ascension (Review)

gowFollowing up the cataclysmic events of God of War III must have been a terrifying ordeal for a studio to go through. However, when a series already has a prequel along with another game filling the gap between games one and two I struggled to see how Kratos’ adventures could do anything but go forwards.

In an old panel interview with the other four individual God of War director’s, David Jaffe (GOW1) said that he would have liked to see gods from around the world (think Norse and Chinese) move in on Olympus in a power vacuum caused by the death of the Zeus and his brethren. That would have been an unbelievably hot premise and the only true way to follow up Kratos’ gloriously enraged finale. It’s going to happen; it’s too good an idea to not. But sadly, I expect we’ll have to wait until PlayStation 4 as Sony are playing it safe with this prequel set before even the events of Chains of Olympus.

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Namco Bandai’s Secret Game is Kamen Rider: Battride War

We mentioned Namco Bandai putting up a teaser site earlier this week with an image of a motorbike and an obscure quote and we can now reveal the game behind all the secrecy is Kamen Rider: Battride War.

Based on yet another Japanese anime series, the game is wait for it…a Dynasty Warriors clone but with Power Ranger-style cosplayers and motorbikes, or something along those lines. All we know is it’ll be on PS3 and involve beating up armies single-handed. There’s a trailer for you after the break, with a little bit of gameplay towards the end. Everything’s in Japanese and there’s no confirmation of a European release as of yet, but keep your fingers crossed, you never know it might not be as terrible, boring and derivative as it looks.

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See Sad Kratos in New God of War: Ascension Story Trailer

Ha ha! Kratos has feelings, what a lady! Joking aside, see a softer side to Kratos in this story teaser trailer for the upcoming God of War: Ascension. Then watch him stab up a few massive beasties including the Elephant-man (no, not that one) and a previously unseen Kraken-esque sea-beast.

March can’t come soon enough for Kratos’ next adventure as we’ve all but forgotten our initial apathy towards the game upon hearing it was another prequel. For any PlayStation Plus subscribers out there don’t forget you can get free access to the game’s online multiplayer beta right now.

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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (Review)

Join Brian and Stewie in their dimension-hoping adventure as they use the Multiverse remote to stop Bertram, Stewie’s evil half-brother, who plans to use his own remote to build an army and destroy the Quahog duo’s Universe.

This gives the game a chance to provide a wide range of settings. From Amish farms, Santa’s weapon workshop with inbred elves, to a world populated by the handicapped and so on. Bertram has convinced everyone in these universes that you must be killed, so in turn you’re shooting pretty much everyone in sight. Be they Amish farmers, jocks, cripples on crutches or small homicidal alien chickens.

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Horses and Babysitting Cut From Tomb Raider

Well, that was close. Crystal Dynamics Brand Director, Karl Stewart told OPM that at one point during the game’s design Lara would use a horse and have a child companion:

“One of the hardest decisions was that we knew we needed to make a change. We looked at all the games that were out at the time, studied them, did research, read reviews. And we realised that we needed to make something new. Some of our soul-searching was about [asking] how we bring Lara to life in a way we’ve never done before. She’s had a personality, but not anything like what we show now with that emotion and intensity. We added a little girl at one stage. She was going to be a companion, a way to show Lara in a different light. We had a horse, too. It was great for her to move around on, but we soon realised that a horse implied ‘open world’, like, ‘Why can’t I gallop around the whole island?’ So the horse had to go.”

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Darksiders II (Review)

After the first game where War -one of the Four Horseman- jumped the gun a little and brought on the apocalypse and wiped out humanity, we get to step into another rider’s shoes. Running parallel to the events of the original game, we’re now playing as Death.

Death is eager to clear his brother’s name and if possible, restore humanity to Earth. For the most part of the game though, we won’t be going back to Earth. Instead we’re exploring several large open maps of typical fantasy fare – forests, canyons, ice worlds, hell and any other staple you could care to remember.

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Dishonored (Hands-on Preview)

Chances are, you’ve probably heard about Dishonored being a game keen to emphasise the vast amount of choice when approaching an assassination mission. Rather than trying to muscle in on Assassin’s Creed’s turf, the game is a first person title.

The game world is a strange mix of Victorian architecture and steampunk mechanics. Narrow foggy streets are patrolled by police on mechanical stilts. There are regular policeman too, although they’ve got something of a WWI German feel about them thanks to single-spike helmets and over-enthusiastic moustaches.

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New Shadows of the Damned Trailer

shadows of the damned news banner

If you’re still looking for something to buy this weekend, maybe this new trailer for Shadows of the Damned will tempt you. Any game that manages to get Suda 51 (Killer 7, No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Vanquish) together is always going to be worth a cautious look. Expect lots of monsters, chicks in leather, stylish combat and buckets of filthy humour stirred in amongst the giblets. Oh, and the hero is called Garcia Hotspur (Suda’s a Tottenham fan) and looks set to speak nothing but craptacularly cheesy lines, but you’ll love it. For an extensive hands-on look, you can read Felix’s enthusiastic musings about the madness here.

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