Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII | Combat Playthrough

Only a few short weeks to go now before the concluding part of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and we’re celebrating with a video playthrough to show you the new combat system. The apparently not backwardly-named Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, has ditched the stale combat of the last two games by assigning various attacks and spells to the face buttons of your controller.

Customisation is back in style too as you can enter battle with three different Schema, each with their own set of skills to give you extra combat options. With around 70 Schema to choose from in the final game -each of them customisable too- the depth on offer is looking absolutely huge. For the most part, Lightning will be on her own, but the Schema changes give the game a quasi team-based feel and the slicker combat feels like Square Enix could be onto a winner. Plus, Lightning is easily the best member of the XIII cast.

So take a look at our video to see half an hour of combat, customisation and cutscenes. You can even try out the new combat system for yourself by downloading the demo from PSN or XBL.

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