Top 5 Most Important Vita Moments at Gamescom 2014

Top 5 Most Important Vita Moments at Gamescom 2014

Sony’s handheld just gets quieter and quieter each passing expo season and this year was arguably its darkest yet, with Sony barely mentioning their once proud handheld. The Vita is a quality piece of kit, but it never caught the imaginations of the third-party developers in the triple A scene. Instead it has become the champion of niche and indie titles. While we here at Dealspwn love our indie games, they’re never going to be the true system sellers the Vita badly needs. That said, we’ve done some digging around at Gamescom 2014 to see what lies ahead for the PS Vita. Here’s our Top 5 most important moments we took away from this year’s Gamescom.

Top 5 Most Important Vita Moments at Gamescom 2014

PlayStation TV gets closer

The device released as PS Vita TV in Japan will be available on these shores later this year for around £85, allowing gamers to stream their PS4 games to a second TV in the house. As the original name suggests though, it will also effectively be a Vita console that you play on the TV. ‘Most’ card and digital titles can be played on PSTV, we imagine the ones that don’t will be those that include a lot of touchscreen/tilt controls like Uncharted: Golden Abyss. PSTV is considerably cheaper than a Vita handheld and could lead to more Vita software sales from gamers currently on the fence. There’s still a bit of a chicken before the egg scenario going on here though as there needs to be interesting titles to entice people to buy. Because let’s face it, remote play on the Vita doesn’t exactly inspire the smoothest of experiences with using the new device to stream PS4 gameplay to another TV. We’d love to be wrong on that though.

Top 5 Most Important Vita Moments at Gamescom 2014

Gravity Rush 2’s Absence

This is the sort of game that could have been cancelled without much of an outcry if we’re honest, but we haven’t heard anything official on that yet. I reached out to Sony last week to ask if the game was still in development and if it might be at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, but haven’t yet had a response. With Sony admitting elsewhere that Triple A games were no longer feasible on the Vita, did that include the demise of Gravity Rush 2 behind the scenes?

Murasaki Baby is almost here

Adorable and terrifying in equal measure, Murasaki Baby has been high on our most wanted list since we first laid eyes on its creepy hand-drawn aesthetics. With a heavy focus on touch-screen controls, we hope it’s not as clunky as the infuriating as the Vita launch game, Escape Plan. Enjoy the trailer and keep an eye out for the game next month.

Freedom Wars looks cool in co-op

Ever wanted to play something like Soul Sacrifice, but couldn’t get past the fantasy setting, or the ridiculously dull brown environments and the repetitive misery of it all? Fair enough, what if we had somebody give it a neo-Japan makeover and injected some colour into the co-op battles? Interested now? Thought so. Add in guns to the melee action and a cool grappling gun to climb around the environments or onto the larger monsters themselves, and we have one of the Vita’s most impressive looking up and comers from Sony.

Top 5 Most Important Vita Moments at Gamescom 2014

Should you buy a Vita?

For those of us already owning a Vita there are glimpses of greatness buried amongst all the ‘meh’ or games that are coming to the PS3/PS4 too, but let’s face it, we’re having to look pretty damn hard to find them. But what about those of you that have been thinking about buying a Vita? We can’t honestly say that this year’s expos have done the handheld any favours at all to be honest, due to a severe lack of decent mainstream games. Unless you spot a ridiculously cheap deal for a Vita, we’d advise maybe waiting for reviews of the PlayStation TV and see how many games are compatible and maybe look at that instead, which has the added benefit of second-TV streaming for you PS4.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the current state of affairs for the PS Vita, both from gamers that own one, to people thinking about buying one, or from those that are happy enough to leave well alone.

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